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Karva Chauth Pooja Samagri

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Importance of Pooja Thali in Karwa Chauth Pooja

Karwa Chauth or Karva pujan is a festival which is celebrated in most of the states in North India. It is a traditio...

Importance of Pooja Thali in Karwa Chauth Pooja

Karwa Chauth or Karva pujan is a festival which is celebrated in most of the states in North India. It is a traditional fasting festival which is celebrated on the fourth day of Krishna paksha of the Kartik month. Karwa means an earthen pot which holds an importance in this fast and Chauth means the fourth. The fast is kept by the married women for the longevity of their husbands. The tradition of this particular fast and festival goes back to the ancient times when the wives would keep fasts for the safe return of their husbands from war.

The Karwa Chauth has three important thalis which are the Sargi thali, Pooja thali and Baya thali. The Karwa Chauth is a festival in which the fast is broken after seeing the moon. The Karwa Chauth Vidhi is that married women wake up long before the sunrise and prepare for the fast. A meal is taken just before the sunrise, this meal is known as the Sargi and the Sargi thali contains sweets, dry fruits, vermicelli, and a staple bread. It may vary from place to place. The Sargi is prepared by the mother-in-law for their daughters-in-law.

The most important thali for Karva Chauth is the Pooja thali. The Karwa Chauth Pooja Samagri contains rice, water in the earthen pot or the Karwa, Roli, Raksha sutra, sweets, Haldi, Fresh Flowers, Sieve, Ghee deepak etc. The Karwa Pujan or the Karwa Chauth Moon Puja vidhi is that the married women dedicate flowers and rice to the moon (when it comes out). They see the moon through the sieve and then the face of their husbands. They then break their fast with sweets and water from the Karwa.

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Order online Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri

Since the pandemic has forced everyone to be restricted to their homes, it is best to try out the online route this year for the pooja samagri for Karwa Chauth. The online market has also been growing at a steady pace in recent years and in this hectic life people usually avoid taking out time to visit the market to purchase things.Then why should you go to market if you have HalfCute at your fingertips?

HalfCute has a lot of options of high quality Karva Chauth pooja samagri. Since the pooja samagri for karva chauth also changes from region to region across India, there are a lot of options to choose from according to your preference. You would have options for a designer lantern to hold the Ghee deepak. Many traditions dictate camphor for the karva chauth pooja rather than the ghee deepak and you would find options for that as well at HalfCute. You also have the option to buy turmeric and sandalwood according to your preference.

HalfCute even provides you with the option of cotton wicks for deepak. Among other important pooja samagri you would find Kumkum, incense sticks, sambrani cup and scented oils. HalfCute also has an excellent Karwa chauth pooja thali online option among its collections.

Is it just for the daughter-in-law? The answer to this would be “No”. HalfCute even has options for Karwa Chauth Sargi thali. This is the best option when your daughter-in-law is not staying with you. In this case you can fulfil your duties by sending her the Karwa Chauth Sargi thali from HalfCute. There is even an option for entire assorted pooja samagri thali.




KumKum Powder

Kumkum powder used for social & religious markings in India. The Turmeric is dried and powdered with a bit of slaked lime, which turns rick yellow powder into red colour.


Subhaprada Natural Camphor is pure & it gives an excellent sweet fragrance that generates a divine atmosphere during Pooja and Meditation.

Sandalwood powder

Sandal Powder is a powder used in worshiping deities especially for applying tilak on the forehead of sacred idols. 

Assorted pooja box

Pooja Kit is an assortment of premium quality products required for daily pooja purposes ensuring sanctity of the Pooja & appeasement of deities.

Karwa Chauth Exclusive Kit

Engage in your ritual through the day this KarwaChauth, with this exclusive kit, containing Thali set to Almonds & Mathi as you wind up the night.


Send Karwa Chauth Pooja Samagri Online

It is also a tradition at most places that the mother-in-law also gives the pooja samagri for Karwa Chauth to the daughter-in-law. HalfCute is the best option to send the pooja samagri for Karwa Chauth. First and foremost because this platform has a lot of options to choose from. Secondly you have the option to handpick each item or you can go for the already assorted scenario. Lastly, HalfCute apart from giving you a lot of discounts also gives you the option for contactless purchase. 

Karwa Chauth pooja thali is important for the festival and your traditions are our headache, you just have to assort your items or choose the assorted one and then go for the checkout. Rest will be handled by us at HalfCute and we will bring you/send your Karwa Chauth pooja thali.

One other important aspect of Karwa Chauth is the Baya thali which is given to the mother-in-law by the daughter-in-law after the pooja in the evening. The Baya thali usually contains the shringaar samagri along with a saree, dry fruits and sugar cups filled with rice. The daughters-in-law have the option to assort a Baya thali for their mothers-in-law and we will have it delivered for you. There are a lot of options for you from where you can customise your Baya thali for your saas. Surprise your mother-in-law while keeping up with the social distancing scenario. HalfCute supports you in your endeavour.