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51 Different Types of Cakes with HD Pictures 2022

Cakes have always been a part of special occasions. We cut cakes on birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and many other occasions. It is the perfect source of happiness during occasions like these. If you want to surprise your wife on your anniversary day, or celebrate your best friend’s birthday, or congratulate your brother on his graduation day or celebrate special days like Christmas or New year, or you simply want to satisfy your sweet tooth, then here is a list of 51 different types of cakes with pictures that will help you to choose and order cake online in Bangalore.

We highly recommend you don’t go through this list with an empty stomach! So what are you waiting for, go on and have fun choosing your favourite cake!!

1. Plum Cake

Enjoy the beautiful blend of fluffy cake, cocoa, and your favourite dry fruits or fresh fruits in their best form. Plum cakes are loved by everyone. It is the best choice for a light and healthy dessert after a heavy meal. Plum cakes are traditionally used as a festive cake during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, and thanksgiving.

2. Ferrero Rocher Cake

If you are a Ferrero Rocher lover, then the Ferrero rocher cake is a must-have for you. The yummy nuts infused with chocolatey fun, Ferrero Rocher cake is a delicious dessert to savour at a birthday party or any other occasion. Find the most delicious Ferrero Rocher cakes and treat yourself with some yumminess.

3. Kitkat Cake

KitKat is one of the most loved chocolate flavours in India that has come a long way. Check out some of the toothsome KitKat cake that will be a perfect surprise for a KitKat lover. Planning to celebrate your friend’s birthday who loves chocolates, then get this delicious KitKat cake.

4. Mango Cake

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  • Aam ki season is finally here again! This is the time when people look for all the amazing food items made of mangoes. If you are a mango lover, then you must try a toothsome mango cake that is absolutely finger-licking tasty. The magical taste of the mango cake will keep you wanting more of this delicious dessert. 

    5. Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cakes are universally loved. Everyone has a nostalgic connection with a chocolate cake. You probably would have cut a lot of these yummy cakes on your birthdays, growing up. If you want to relive those beautiful memories, then get yourself a delicious chocolate cake.

    6. Brownie Cake

    Brownies are loved by everyone, especially kids. Brownies are one of the most famous desserts worldwide and these cakes will definitely leave you wanting more. Want some yummy in your tummy? Then order some delicious brownie cake for yourself now!

    7. Pineapple Cake

    Pineapple gives the most tropical vibes and the best part about these fruits – they can be used to make so many dishes. We have pineapple in pizzas, jellies, chocolates, sweets, and most famous, cakes. Yes, you read that right! If you are a pineapple lover, don’t miss out on trying the delicious pineapple cake that will definitely blow your mind.

    8. Rainbow Cake

    Rainbow reminds us of fairy tales and wonderlands. All kids pass a stage where they are absolutely mesmerized by rainbows and they probably think rainbows come out from a treasure box. Give your kids the magical wonderland vibes with the amazing Rainbow cake that is so perfect for themed birthday parties.

    9. Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Why settle for just a chocolate cake when you can have an additional surprise to the cake. Chocolate truffle cakes have a special sauce called the Ganache, which is a yummy creamy chocolate mixture that is used as an icing for these cakes that makes it absolutely irresistible. If you want your loved ones licking their fingers, not wanting to waste an inch of the cake, then hurry up and grab some chocolate truffle cake.

    10. Red Velvet Cake

    Red velvet cakes are the most beautiful cakes that catch your eye very effortlessly. Whenever one sees a red velvet cake, they won’t be able to resist the desire to eat some. Well, don’t leave your craving disappointed and make yourself the happiest with the delicious collection of red velvet cakes. 

    11. Black Currant Cake

    The toothsome flavour of black currant is obtained from the finest edible berries in all the major winter lands. Try out the best black currant cakes and surprise your loved ones with a Berrylicious cake. The best part about this delicious cake is the amazing and vibrant colour it holds. 

    12. White Forest Cake

    Here is a treat for all the white chocolate lovers, HalfCute’s very famous white forest cake. This luscious cake is made of layers of chocolate cake soaked in cherry-based syrup and is topped with cherries, cream frosting, and white chocolate flakes. You can now enjoy this beautiful cake at your home with your loved ones. 

    13. Butterscotch Cake

    Butterscotch is a flavour that is loved by every sweet lover. The perfect blend of brown sugar and butter results in the flavorsome taste of butterscotch. It is best paired with caramel and the combination has always been a super hit. Check out the flavoursome butterscotch cake that is an amazing satisfaction for people craving sweets.

    14. Vanilla Cake

    Vanilla is a flavour that blends well with every other flavour in the world. A vanilla cake can be served with any choice of dessert, sauces, chocolates, toppings and more. If you are a vanilla lover then you definitely have a sweet tooth. Try the most delicious Vanilla cake with different fusion flavours on them.

    15. Strawberry Cake

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  • Strawberry flavour is such a tricky one. It looks very sweet but is kind of a tangy berry flavour. Most kids love strawberry cakes for their beautiful colour of pink. Try tasting a yummy strawberry cake and we are quite sure that it will be the perfect addition to your get together parties.

    16. Oreo Cake

    Oreos have mastered every form of dessert. These biscuits are the best to experiment with. Oreos also taste absolutely delicious in the form of a cake. If you are an Oreo lover, then you have to try our yummylicious collection of Oreo cake that is going to blow your mind. The fusion of Oreos and Chocolate cakes are just a treat to the taste buds.

    17. Coffee Cake

    Coffee lovers look for the taste of coffee in almost every dessert they eat like in chocolates, milkshakes, biscuits, ice creams, and cakes. If you are a coffee lover and looking for a coffee cake, then try out the ever delish coffee cakes. Each bite will just be like having a sip of the best coffee in the world.

    18.  Almond Cake

    Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. It is mainly known for providing vitamin E. If you have kids who always crave sweets, desserts, and cakes, you would be worried about their health. But what if the cake is made healthy? Taste the ever delish almond cake that is not only a nummy treat but also healthy for the kids to enjoy.

    19. Donut Cake

    Donuts is a very famous sweet snack that got very famous in India recently after which people started introducing more sweet dish experiments with these yummy treats. Donut or doughnut is a sweet dish where the dough is fried and topped with different sauces, creams, nuts, sprinkles, crunchies and so much more. Check out the amazing donut cake that is a perfect surprise for all the donut lovers.

    20. Pink Velvet Cake

    Have you ever seen a cake that looks so pretty that you wouldn’t want to cut it or eat it? Well, the pink velvet cake is one such beautiful cake. The colour itself is so pretty and mesmerizing that one wouldn’t want to ruin the look of it. But the flavorful Pink Velvet cake is hard to resist so they anyway end up enjoying it. 

    21. Jelly Cake

    Jellies are usually made from different kinds of fruits. Jellies taste so good with cream and cream cheese. This combo was further explored into a jelly cake. If you don’t like cream or if you are lactose intolerant, you must try the jelly cakes that have no cream. Jelly cakes are very light to have and are the best sweet treat that people of all age groups can enjoy.

    22. Black Cake

    A black cake is something not many might not have heard of. If you have never had a black cake, it resembles a chocolate cake, but it has a deeper dark colour, it has raisins and nuts. Sometimes the black cake is soaked in red wine or rum. These cakes are perfect to be served during winters. 

    23. Biscuit Cake

    Biscuits are a part of almost everyone’s everyday life. Whenever you are hungry, a biscuit is a quick way of filling your tummy. Check out the flavorsome collection of biscuit cake that is going to make its own place in your favourite lists. Try all the delicious biscuit cakes we have and explore what your taste buds love.

    24. Blueberry Cake

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  • Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods that are usually preferred in breakfasts, salads, smoothies, and desserts. It has a sweet taste with a pulpy fruity characteristic that makes it one of the most unique flavors. Check out our delectable collection of blueberry cakes and cupcakes that are an absolute delight.

    25. Milk Cake

    If you are looking for a dish that is healthy, sweet, and tasty to bribe your kids to behave, then check out the best form of healthy and tasty, which is the milk cake. Kids are sometimes super excited or super annoyed, both scenarios will make any parent go crazy. You can treat your kids for good behavior so that they maintain the same with our yummy milk cakes that are specially made for them.

    26. Tiramisu Cake

    Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that has a coffee flavour to it. Tiramisu is made from ladyfingers dipped in coffee, a whipped mixture of egg, sugar, cream, and is blended with the flavour of cocoa making it the most delicious. This recipe has adapted to other forms of desserts like ice creams, cheesecake and tiramisu cake. Check out the ever tasty tiramisu cake that will definitely delight your taste buds.

    27. Parle-G Cake

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    Parle-G is not just a biscuit but it is a nostalgic feeling for all Indians. Parle-G is the only biscuit that has been a constant in almost all households. If you are a parle g lover too, then check out the yummy parle g cake that will take you back to your childhood in just one bite. Hurry up and try them now!

    28. Upside Down Cake

    Upside down cakes are usually baked in a single pan where the toppings are put in the bottom and the crust of the cake is the top layer while baking. Once the cake is baked, it is flipped upside down. If you like trying new things and if you are someone who loves experimenting with food, then try out the upside-down cake.

    29. Japanese Cake

    Japanese cakes are basically cheesecakes that are super famous in Japan. It is also called the jiggly cake as it is very fluffy and smooth. This yummy cake is made from cream cheese and egg yolk batter that gets folded into sweet meringue. The texture is souffle-like and each bite melts as it enters the mouth. It is a treat that will make you absolutely speechless.

    30. Bourbon Biscuit Cake

    Bourbons are chocolate cream biscuits that are loved by so many people in our country. The flavour of bourbon has come a long way and it still holds a special place in people’s kitchen. Check out the most famous bourbon biscuit cake that is an absolute yes for chocolate lovers. 

    31. Marie Biscuit Cake

    Marie biscuit is more of a feeling than a biscuit for all Indians. Have you ever imagined having a Marie biscuit cake in front of you? If you have never thought of the idea, then here is a surprise for you! Yes, you read that right, check out our delicious Marie biscuit cake. We promise each bite of it is going to be nostalgic for you!

    32. Zebra Cake

    A zebra cake is a beautiful mix of yellow and chocolate cake that makes a pattern similar to that of a zebra. The cake not only tastes yummy but also looks so beautiful and tempting. If you are having dinner parties or get-to-gathers, then the zebra cake is the perfect fit for your special occasion. 

    33. Apple Cake

    Apple pies and apple cake are one of the most famous desserts that are absolutely delicious. They are usually used both as an after-meal dessert and appetizer dessert. Apple cakes are not heavy on the stomach because they do not have cream frosting that usually has a lot of sugar. Apple cakes are healthy and tasty.

    34. Custard Cake

    Custard is made from sweetened milk and it has a lot of proteins. Custard flavour is used in a lot of sweet dishes, desserts, drinks, and more. But have you ever tasted a custard cake? If not, then don’t waste anymore time and make sure to surprise your taste buds with this delish cake.

    35. Pudding Cake

    Pudding is a combination of milk and cream, which is sweetened and thickened by cooking it for a bit. There are also unbaked puddings that get their richness and thickness from a mixture of cornstarch and egg yolks. Check out the most flavours pudding cake because it is definitely going to blow your mind. 

    36. Wine Cake

    A winter night always calls for a glass of fine wine and a mid-night craving calls for a piece of wine cake. As they say, a glass of wine everyday keeps the doctor away, we would say a piece of wine cake keeps the fat away. Sweetness in mouth always keeps you in a good mood. Try out the delicious wine cake and have a happy mood always.

    37. Orange Cake

    Oranges are the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. The vibrant colour and the flavoursome taste makes it such a versatile fruit. Orange cakes, like any other fruit cakes, are super healthy. Each bite of this soft and moist cake will melt and explode a mixture of yummy flavours. Order them now!

    38. Chiffon Cake

    You might or might not have heard of a chiffon cake. A chiffon cake is a light cake made with vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, and flavorings like fruits, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and more. Get the most moist, smooth and tender chiffon cake to enjoy it to the fullest. 

    39. Carrot Cake

    Carrot cake is a healthy and flavoursome dessert that can be enjoyed with family members after a heavy dinner. These can also be used as light appetizers before a festive meal. Carrot cake is made of mixture that contains carrots mixed into the batter. Most modern carrot cake recipes have a white cream cheese frosting. These cakes are further topped with nuts and sauces to make it absolutely delicious.

    40. Mirror Cake

    If you are wondering what exactly is a mirror cake? It is a flavoursome cake that has a mirror glaze, a shiny exterior. This shiny exterior is obtained because the top of the cake is a smooth surface and a glaze is poured on. Get the delicious and attractive mirror cake for your upcoming get-to-gether parties. 

    41. Banana Cake

    Bananas are an all season fruit that is a part of every household. They are a great ingredient for sweet dishes and you must be aware of the famous banana breads that are easy to bake at home as well. But have you ever tried a banana cake? It is very tasty and healthy at the same time. Banana cakes taste the best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and honey. 

    42. Coconut Cake

    When you hear the word coconut, your body feels calm and cool. The best representation of the tropicals are without any doubt coconuts. Coconuts are a very neutral ingredient that can blend with almost every flavour. Check out the amazing coconut cake that will give you all the nutrients of a coconut and the delish of a cake. 

    43. Nutella Cake

    Nutella, the game changer for all chocolate lovers, is one of the most delicious forms of chocolate sauce. The rich chocolatey flavour of Nutella tastes so good on a cake. Check out the most delicious Nutella cake for your next special get-to-gather. If you are having a birthday party, the Nutella cake would be a perfect addition to the surprise.

    44. Raspberry Cake

    Raspberries are tasty fruits that are grown in regions of Russia, Mexico and the US. The finest raspberries are made into the amazing sweet flavoured sauces. Taste the most delicious raspberry cake before it’s too late. The riper the fruit is, sweeter the taste gets. Raspberries also have a pretty pink colour that makes the cake look so tempting.

    45. Blue Velvet Cake

    Have you ever seen a cake looking so stylish that you feel like grabbing it and eating up the whole thing? Well blue velvet cake is one such amazing, mouth watering, delicious cake that is going to blow your mind with its look and taste. Check out the most attractive cake there is, the blue velvet cake.

    46. Pinata Cake

    Pinata cakes are 3-D cakes that took the attention by their amazing taste and look. When they were introduced, they took the internet on a storm and became trending in no time. If you want an absolutely savage cake for your savage friend/partner then try getting them the pinata cake and give them the best surprise.

    47. Lollipop Cake

    A lollipop cake is the most fancy looking cake which is also called cake pops, that will be a perfect fit to a kid’s birthday party. Kids are mesmerized by colours, candies and cakes. The lollipop cake has it all in them and we are sure it is going to be a hit in your party. Get the most fancy lollipop cake and surprise the kids with something new.

    48. Black Forest Cake

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  • The flavour of black forest is a perfect fusion of chocolate, whipped cream and cherries. The black forest cake is made of layers of chocolate sponge cake that is covered with whipped cream and topped with chocolate flakes and cherries. This dreamy combination is what makes the delicious cake of black forest.

    49. Ice Cream Cake

    Ice cream cakes, like the name suggests, have a lot of ice cream in them. They are made from sponge cake, ice cream, a hard crust and a solid frosting that makes each bite absolutely toothsome. If you love the combination of cake and ice cream, then you have to try out the amazing ice cream cakes.

    50. Mousse Cake

    Mousse cakes are those kinds of cakes that melt in the mouth after each bite. The melt brings out all the yummy flavors it is made of. A mousse cake is made from whipped egg whites, whipped cream that is flavored with chocolates, coffee, carmel and more. 

    51. Choco – Lava Cake

    The yummy choco lava cake is a favorite for most of y’all. Choco lava is that dessert that goes well with a cheesy main course. If you love the idea of yummy chocolate sauce hidden inside a spongy cake, then try out the amazing choco lava cake and enjoy the chocolatey madness. 

    We also have a wide range of photo cakes that will add more memories and joy into your celebration. Photo cake designs are one of the best modern designs for cakes. They are not only some of the best-looking and creative cake designs. But also they bring a personalized look to the cake. This is very important as a cake is supposed to be like a gift. The design and flavor you choose will show how much you know the person. Thus a personal and endearing cake such as a photo cake will be the perfect cake. Also, design for photo cakes online depends upon the photo you choose for the cake. So it is a good way to pick a picture that would mean the most to the person.

    Well, hope you could find what you were looking for. Cakes are such delicious treats for your taste buds. Now you can order any of the above cakes online from HalfCute. If you are looking for an instant online cake delivery then check out HalfCute to enjoy some amazingly flavoursome cakes. 

    If you are having a midnight craving, then treat yourself with just one click. Visit HalfCute and Order Cake Online now!

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