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10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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New Year has always been a time to celebrate with your friends and family and to indulge in games, food and drinks. But, every year going to that mundane party and playing those old fashion games and all seems too stereotyped. So, you are the planner of a 31st party and you want to make it look extraordinary. So, to make your party more exotic and appealing here is the 10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas.


    Retro 60s Party Style

    With everyone going towards the 2017 and celebrating it in a new style here is what you can do to make yourself look different is you can choose the party theme to be a retro one you can choose the party theme to be of 1960’s. Now, it can be like that the 60’s jazz music along with that afro wigs and other things to make the party on the go.


    Noisemakers and other party items

    The noisemakers are always an attraction to any of the party. You can always tell your guests to bring the unconventional sound makers that divert the attention of the crowd towards them to make your party look the out of the box in the town. Don’t forget to capture the moment.



    This can be the next big catch of your party. You can tell your guests to write on a paper that what’s the most concise thing that they can predict in the coming year. They can write down on the piece of paper and you can read it out and declare the winner in the next party.


    Party with Oldies

    if you tired of the stereotype people that you meet all day and want to try something new then you can meet your oldies and spend the whole day with them.  You can party with them in your own style and that will be memorable to you. You can talk all day long and become nostalgic about the incidents that you had gone through with them by your side. Alongside, you can have the glass of wine and food to rejoice those memories and make this New Year eve special.


    New Year Resolutions Game

    The game here is the same that you have to write something on a piece of paper and collect all the pieces into a bowl and then you have to read out. This seems pretty interesting but the catch here is you have to write your resolutions on this piece of paper and then you can read out these pieces and guess making it not so colourless.

  6. PRINTABLE DESIGNS:These days it has been in the trend that you go to some place and they have got written something witty on peculiar designs that tempt you to click holding that in your hand. You can also make some of your own by cutting pieces of cardboards into different shapes and sizes. Thus, it makes your party look like a next level show.

    Two Resolutions & a Lie

    This is a very interesting game that can divert your attention. In the game, on a board, you have to write 3 resolutions out of them 2 to be honest and a lie. Then, everyone has to think which one a lie is making it more interesting. This game is a killer of boredom as it keeps you engaged with everyone plus, you can know the other individuals and it creates an atmosphere of fun.


    Paper notes with Sign

    To make your party interesting you can keep a signing board where people can write about the one thing that they want to do before the year ends. Every individual has a set of wants which everyone desires to achieve. So, if the board is placed in the centre everyone would be anticipated.


    Bring your own Appetizer

    New Year eve is a time where everyone in the party has drinks for entertainment. But, there are some too who do not prefer alcohol. So, what you can do not to create trouble and also the party to get going. While inviting your guests you can tell them it’s a bring your appetiser party where you can bring your appetiser and enjoy the party. This makes your party interesting and also does not create issues for non-drinkers.


    Pokemon Party Poppers


    Any party doesn’t end without the poppers which you blast at the time of toast. So, you can design your own custom poppers for your theme making it capturing the eye and also making your party unheard of.


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