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10 Ways to make New Year Special for Your LOVE

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Doing something special for your loved one always feels good, as he/ she is the only person in the world who love you the most after your parents. Every individual sacrifice a lot when they go into a relationship and such small and happy moments make your day. Here are the 10 unique ways through which you can make the New Year special one for your soul mate.


    Create a Video

    Videos capture our attention more than any image or message. So to make the new exclusive for your loved one on this New Year you can tell them how much you love them in a video and what makes them so special for you. This might be quite an emotional moment for them and they can even burst into tears of happiness looking at it


    Lady feeling happy after receiving an unexpected gift.

    An unexpected gift from your loved one makes you realise how much importance you hold in their hearts. So, to make this New Year momentous you can buy something special for your loved one and gift them. The gift can be something they have always desired for making the day a periods piece for you both.


    At your Service

    On this day you can make it special by telling him/her that they are the boss for the day. When you pamper a person too much it shows you what the intensity of the relationship you are into is. So, you can fulfil all their demands and it makes them feel special and creating something unique moment for you both.

    This is one of the best things you can do. When your loved one goes to a particular place every day, for instance, your loved one is fond of ice creams and goes to the same ice cream parlour every day. So, when she makes a visit you can pre-plan and give her a surprise date coupons when she visits the place. This can be the moment which is very uncommon and can add that smile in your lives.

    Hand Painting

    If you are good at something then here is the time that you can utilise the most. Gift him/her a handmade painting if you are good in artistic abilities or if you are good at writing write him/her a poem or something about them that make their day memorable one. Thus, you can be peculiar and make the moment for you both too.


    Unexpected Call

    You can be the out of the box person if you do an unexpected call to them telling them why they are so special for you which adds bliss in their lives. Thus, an unexpected phone call creates the momentary happiness that he/she will never forget. This adds the significance to your new year


    Lunch at Workplace

    You can surprise your beloved by planning a lunch with them at their workplace. This is a very good way to relieve their stress and make them feel like there is someone who cares for them even when they are in the times of stress and not in a good mood. These small things can add the bliss.


    Love Note in Pocket

    You can always surprise your loved one by tucking a love note in their pocket and when they find it, nothing can explain that happy moment. This may be the door to make your New Year eve special for your loved one. Sometimes the words speak more than the actions and create such an indescribable moment that we lack words.


    Hourly Compliments


    If you want to show how attached you are to your beloved then you can give them hourly compliments making them feel special and unique. This shows that the flame is still there and you can still make the day a gala for them which they have never experienced. Also, this makes the emotion between you two strong and not a momentary one.

    The best thing you can do on this day is by telling the person you treasure the most is that one thing you always wanted to tell her. Sometimes the lies create the distances in the relations. So, you should not hold back. It can also be that one special thing that can get your passion to another level. Thus, you can make the day festive for them by saying them something you always wanted to tell.You can also do something like cooking their favourite dish or decorate the bedroom. It is the feeling that always counts which makes them realise that they mean so much to you.



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