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10 DIY Decorations for New Year’s Eve Party

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Its New Year time! Time of celebrations! While all are busy finding best location for New Year party is it more convenient and affordable to host it right your own place. For this the main part is New Year decorations. Of course, considering the festive season there are lot of decorative items available at store, but spending on these will cost a bomb. This is when it is necessary to look for DIY- Do It Yourself decorations for a New Year party. These easy decoration tips can be made use to make lots of creative things with what is available at your home.

  1. Sparkle bubbly balloons:
    This is one of the easy ways to decorate the party spaces and bring uniqueness to the environment with some sparkles.  Simply mix some golden or silver sparkles into glue and keep it aside. Blow plain or designer balloons and tie it to strings. And then apply these sparkle glue to the bottom of the balloon by highlights.

Sparkle bubbly balloons


  1. Bottle centerpiece for New Year Eve:
    Make simple centerpiece to be placed on cakes, cupcakes and bottles. Use the straws and chop sticks in your house and cover them will color wraps and gorgeous golden wraps. Also use jewellery designing string to make a heart shape on top of the straw and covered that as well with designer wraps.

Bottle centerpiece for New Year Eve


  1. Glittering Bar boards:
    Make use of old open boxes and wrap them with gift wrappers. The place all your Christmas tree items into these boxes along with a board named “The Bubble Bar”. Use colors such as silver and red to highlight and attract this area.


  1. Hanging Holiday Décor:
    Blow some small balloons and tie glued threads all round it. Leave these pieces to dry overnight and then blast the balloons and take out only the thread piece from this. Tie this to transparent threads and hang it all over the party hall. It is one of the simplest and easy ways to make party decors.

Hanging Holiday Décor


  1. Roof lighting pieces:
    Make use of some old card boards to make medium sized balls and cover the outer layer fully with sparkles. Then make a small hold such that a bulb can be placed inside and connect it to the lighting.

Roof lighting pieces


  1. Pom Pom Toothpicks with sparkles:
    Push some cotton balls to toothpicks and tie sparkling threads or apply glitters all over it. These can be used as decorative on cakes, desserts and on dining tales. In side of cotton, these toothpicks can be topped with candies and make it another items to your menu list. Both kids and elders will enjoy it for sure.

Pom Pom Toothpicks with sparkles


  1. Wooden Sticks Wrapped Letters and Numbers:
    Cut wooden sticks into letter shapes and tie golden, red and white tinsel curtains all around it. Make use of these letters and numbers to wish “Happy New Year” to all your guests. All you need for this is card board or wooden sticks, tinsel door curtains, glue and scissors.

Wooden Sticks Wrapped Letters and Numbers


  1. Glam Champagne Glasses:
    Give a personalized touch to the Champagne glasses with the help of some Martha Stewart Crafts paint, Champagne glasses, stenciling tapes, alphabet stickers and a small dish to mix paint. Use foam pouncers to even apply glitters in your desired style on glued champagne glasses and let it dry overnight.  Dust away the excess glitters and start using for serves.

Glam Champagne Glasses

  1. Glitter lanterns:
    Make some best glitter lanterns through some craft paints, plain noisemakers, glitter, glitter glue, sequins (optional), paint brushes or sponges, streamers, a lantern, foam brush applicator and glue gun. Apply glue on the lantern gently and sparkle all glittering and glitter glue to complete it into a silver glitter ball type lantern.

Glitter lanterns


  1. Sparkly Cake Toppers:
    Use some wood skewers, straws, scissors and pipe clears. Simply cut the straws and wood skewers as per you required size and roll the pipe cleaners around it. You can even push the pipe cleaners into straws to then design the outer layers into desired shape like heart, numbers or even letters. Straws can be bent into desired shapes and size to personalize the cake toppers to sink along with the New Year Party. Apart from using these on cakes as toppers, it can also be used on desserts, cupcakes and lot of eatables and decorative items.All these are fun ideas to make the party more personalized to the guests. Offering Champagne glass designed with their letters, lanterns with their names is an easy way to let them know how special they mean to you.

Sparkly Cake Toppers

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