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Gifts for Everyone

Gifts for Him

Men are men and they have a very different way to express their love not only to the women in their life but also to each of the family members. Sometimes it is just a word or a deed that shows their love towards their loved ones. Men feel that since they are the providers of the family, they will understand their love for them and so they succumb to every desire of their loved ones.

Instead of expressing their feelings with words, men always try to showcase their feelings through actions. We need to reciprocate those actions by gifting our men. Gifts for men are an adorable way to make a man feel touchy and emotional. Personalized gifts for men will make them come to know how much we love and care for them and respect their actions for us. 

So, let's celebrate being thankful. Buy and give thoughtful, unique gifts for men to make them feel special and amazing. Here are some of the ideas for best gifts for men for you to browse through -  

  • Many options are available for unique gifts for men, such as grooming kits, spa kits, fashion accessories, leather cases, and travel gear. Unique gifts for men will make them feel wanted and will assure them that someone cares for them while looking after their needs.
  • Also available are personalized gifts for men such as diary and pen set, personalized wallet, personalized mugs, personalized pillows, personalized gym kit, personalized photo frames and many more. When you personalize a gift,  you give a loud and clear message to your man as to how much you love him and care for him.
  • However, there are many best gifts for men that one can find to make them feel happy to the core of their heart as well as make them feel special like chocolate bouquets, sweet boxes, mobile accessories, game accessories, clothing, watches, and so on.

Let's have a look at some of these gifts for men –

Gift category

Gift details

Fashion accessories for men 

Present stylish fashion and lifestyle accessories like branded classic leather belts, portfolio bag, stylish shirts, pen sets, ties, cufflinks, wristwatches and wallets to make your date feel special 

Men's grooming kits and gift hampers for men for Valentine's Day 

Surprise your Valentine by gifting him perfumes, shaving kit, skin and hair products, and spa products from well-known brands. You can also gift him gift hampers of grooming accessories and travel kits 

Gift cards and vouchers 

Give your loved one a pleasant surprise by presenting him with gift cards and vouchers for shopping, dinner, coffee, spa, holiday, books or music event 

Cakes and Flowers for men 

To make your love feel  wanted, gift him with bouquets and cakes with appropriate messages and cherish these memories forever 

Bar accessories for men 

This can be one of the best gifts for any man who would love to indulge in such a fine taste of having bar accessories, beer mugs, wine glass sets, wine holders and openers.


Gifts for Her

We have known women to be strong and independent since ages. They can be a mother, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, grandmother, or a female best friend. It is they who provide immense love, care, support, and constant encouragement and this needs to be appreciated. It is our sincere responsibility to keep women of this world happy because they put so much effort in creating a blissful life around us. Gifts for women are a fantastic idea to showcase your feelings towards her and bring a sparkling smile on her face that is worth all the diamonds in the world.

  • Whether it is Valentine's day or Daughter's Day, Women's Day, Birthday, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Karwa Chauth, or any other occasion, make the woman in our life feel special by presenting beautiful gifts for ladies.
  • A woman can play varied roles in our life and still be the epitome of silent strength and courage, taking anything and everything in their stride. Salute such women by presenting a special gift for women and showing our gratitude towards them 
  • Nowadays, there are a lot of choices available for gifts for girls from chocolate and flowers to electronic gadgets. Surprise your woman with an exotic gift for her from the following suggestions – 

Type of Gifts 

Type of Products 

Gifts by Relation

Cosmetics & Jewellery

Necklaces, hearings, bangles, cosmetic hampers, makeup kits 

Gifts for Girlfriend & Wife

Fashion Accessories & Hampers

Spa kit, nail and lip care products, hair and skincare gift hampers, purses, and clutches

Gifts for Female Friend

Soft Toys & Cakes

Teddy bears, soft pillows, LED pillows, black forest cakes, chocolate cake 

Gifts for Daughter

Flowers, Chocolates & More.

Floral bouquets, chocolate bouquets, chocolate boxes, chocolate ensemble 

Gifts for Mother & Sister


Gifts for Kids

Kids fill our lives with happiness and joy. Their smiles provide positivity and energy. Their innocence melts our hearts. They're always curious and want to learn anything and everything around them. Thus, gifts work wonders for encouraging the children to explore the world around them.

  • From being a baby to a toddler and then a kid, any child would simply love to have a gift for himself. You see that spark of excitement in their eyes. You can browse various gifts for boys. In case if you attend any baby showers, then you can always present baby gifts such as cute photo frames, baby apparel and accessories, toys, soft toys, chocolates, to nursery furniture. 
  • If you find out that your friend or your family acquaintances have delivered a baby boy, then all you need to do is to pick up a unique baby boy gift available such as t-shirts, one-piece suit, nursery decorations, etc. 
  • Birthdays are very special for kids as they feel that they have grown up one more year and they need to celebrate with everyone around them. Birthday gifts for kids are something that needs to be carefully chosen. Some options for birthday gifts for kids are painting set, Kids laptop, Wristwatches, Digital wristwatches, Young scientist educational game, Pictionary game, Factory kit, Puzzles and much more!
  • A birthday cannot be celebrated without a party and when the kid gets a birthday gift, then the parents reciprocate the love of his friends by choosing a proper return gift for kids so that kids can return home with a big smile on their face. Here are some options for return gifts for kids like Teddy bears, Superhero Wristwatches, Dolls, cricket kits, sling bags, stationery items, board games, etc.

Hug the kids along with gifts to make them feel special.


Gifts for Couples

A couple having a sound relationship is highly potential in making any place cozy, comfortable and beautiful. In case of any relationship emergencies, such a couple poses as a one-stop solution for any relationship advice or guidance. We often find couples deeply in love with each other. They can be anyone whom we know from parents, friends or grandparents, or any other elderly couple. These couples have a knack for throwing some of the best parties with amazing food and drinks, serving everyone individually with love and attention. They truly become an inspiration for other people.

When one has to gift such a couple, especially those-in-love types, it is a challenging task. Often the gift selection is based on the age of the couple as well as the occasion that they are celebrating like it can be a birthday or a wedding anniversary or even freshly married couples. Let us browse through the gifting options for couples -


Type of  products


Wedding gifts for couples 

Couple photo frames, couple teddy bears, romantic led lights, couple bottles, chocolate hampers, wooden lamp with love quotes, personalized wedding clock, floral bouquet, luxury grooming kit and utility items. 

Newly-married couples 

Gifts for married couples 

Home decors or decorative hampers, personalized gifts, bar tool hampers, bouquets, spa basket, serving sets, cake and flower combos, cup and saucer sets, table lamps and couple t-shirt set.

Parents marriage anniversary or anniversary of nearly married couples 

Anniversary gift for couples 

Personalized gift hampers, spa gift hampers, utility gift sets, gourmet gift baskets, cakes and flower combos, flowers and chocolate combos and so on.

Just-married couples celebrating first or second marriage anniversary 

Anniversary gift for elderly couples 

Flower bouquets, cakes, antiques, serving sets, mug sets, puja thali, an idol of gods and personalized gift items

Parents and grandparents marriage anniversary 


Gifts for Family

Family is one of the most important things in our life. This year take out some time to appreciate and reconnect to your loved ones by gifting them all with family presents. Because family is the only one that stands together in the testing times and the memories we make with our family are everything.

Imagine what it would be like to have a creative and unique gift given to you by your family members, or how about you give your family members something special to show your love towards them? Well. In India we have a tradition of giving family presents on various occasions like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals. You can choose from a variety of family gift ideas and surprise your family and friends by gifting them to see them sparkle with love and joy.

The family includes members right from the smallest to the eldest, and who doesn't like gifts. 

  • So, let's explore some of the finest and the family of the popular idea gift ideas that are a hit in India –sweet boxes, electronic gadgets, knives, trendy makeup items, perfumes and toiletries, useful household items, traditional Indian paintings, traditional sweet and savory snack items, pickles, silk sarees and kurtas, spice boxes, Kashmiri carpets, pashmina shawls, sandalwood carvings, artistic statutes, wooden toys and books. 
  • However, there are some trendy ideas for family presents available online such as chocolate boxes, chocolate bouquets, floral bouquets, personalized or customized items like wallets, pens, diaries, photo frames, and gift hampers, including nut hampers, chocolate hampers, cookies hampers, assorted cookie hampers, assorted chocolate ensemble, personal grooming kit for men and women and so on. 

These family presents encompass each and every member of the family leaving no one feeling sad or left out. Thus, the family is family and always makes them happy.

Gifts for Parents

As they say, no love is greater than a mom's love and no care is greater than a dad's care . Parents always remain the same no matter what the children do. They will always remain loving, caring and compassionate despite all of their children's flaws. They're ready to forgive and very easily offer a helping hand whenever children need their support.

For children, parents are their role models and teach the children to be insightful and intuitive, thus being extraordinary and unparalleled. Here are some of the gift ideas for parents which one would say are mom dad gifts would surely make them happy that would surely make them happy –

  • Gifts for parents at home – Some parents like to be at home and are family-oriented. They would love to have gifts such as home decor items, household items, a personalized colorful desk lamp, led photo frames, etc.
  • Gifts for parents who are professional or working – Professional parents are always busy making a mark in the professional field. So, for such parents, children can always give them electric mug warmer to drink on the go, travel gear, grooming kits, leather cases, passport holders, etc.
  • Gifts for those for parents who are religious- Some parents are religious and like to hold on to their faithparents. For them, the best gift would be religious texts, holy idols of Gods, pooja items, personalized pooja kits, etc. 
  • Gifts for those parents were fitness enthusiasts - Some parents are health freaks and for them, the best gift would be a yoga mat, fitness planner, personalized water bottle, nuts and nutritious food hamper and exercise or fitness machines 

When parents celebrate their wedding anniversary, they are elated at having spent so many years together. To mark such an occasion one can present anniversary gifts for parents or plan unique wedding anniversary gifts for parents such as sponsoring a holiday, sponsoring a spa session, personalized photo frames, floral bouquets, chocolate bouquets, sweet treats etc. 


Gifts for Friends

Friendship is a very special bond. It is a bond where there are no restrictions and no limitations. With friends, you can be yourself. You don't have to make-believe or be a hypocrite. You can crib, you can cry, you can get angry, and you can do crazy stuff with your friends.

Lucky are those people who have friends in their life. Friends are always available on your single call and they would do anything to be on your side even if you're wrong. But yes, true friends will speak out and scold you when you are wrong and try to improve you make you a good human being. For such friends, appreciation is a must. And what better way to appreciate than presenting gifts to them on their special days.

Fill your friend's day with happiness and joy by telling them that they are your best friend and present them with best friend birthday gifts such as personalized or customized gift hampers consisting of either chocolates, fruits and nuts, personal grooming items, and a lot more 

You can also surprise them by sending birthday gifts for friends that can be extremely funny, idiotic and lovable just like them. Commemorate your friendship with your besties by presenting friendship day gifts to express your love towards them.

The following are some of the best gift ideas for friends. You can always make it more personalized by taking care of your friend's likes, dislikes and preferences for choosing those perfect birthday gifts for friends.

Gift Recipient

Giftable Ideas

Gifts for that blogger friend

Decision Maker Paperweight, LED Lamp

Gifts for that long-distance bestie

Wearable Nail Polish Holder, Spa Socks, Heart-Shaped Umbrella

Gifts for those Instagram users

Dumbbell Water Bottle, Table Foot Hammock, Insta Camera Mug

 Gift ideas for that best friend

3D Poop Mug, Funny Bottle Openers, 

Gifts for a friend who is moving away

Baby Groot Holder, Hanging Pull Light Bulbs



Best Gifts for All Relations 

Gifts for Male and Female Friends


Friends are friends either a male or a female doesn't matter much as long as they're with you and stand by you to support you at all times. Friendship is a great bond which you share with your friends. It is one of the best kinds of relationships and lucky is a person who has good friends around them.

A girl who has a male friend can be a best friend or a boyfriend. She would like to reciprocate their love and respect with appropriate gifts such as – 

  • Birthday Gifts for Male Friend - fashion Accessories Hampers, chocolates, assorted cookie hampers, nutrition bar hampers, bracelets, waist belts, wallets, gymnasium kits, fitness gadgets, smartphones 
  • Gifts for boy best friend - Personalized Gifts like mugs, pillows, wallets, watches, pens, Diaries, schedulers, pen holders 
  • Wedding gift for a friend - Bar Accessories, Holiday gift vouchers, travel gear, personal grooming kit & more

A man who has female friends, maybe a best friend or a girlfriend, can always appreciate them for being with him by making up to them through special gifts. Some unique gifts for a girl best friend are as follows - 


Type of Gifts 

Type of Products 

Birthday Gifts for Girl Best Friend

Soft Toys, Jewellery, smartphones, fitness gadgets, pendants, photo frames 

Friendship Day Gifts for Girl Best Friend

Personalized gifts such as mugs, watches, wallets, purses, clutches 

Wedding Gifts for Friends or Gifts for Festival and Occasions 

Greeting Cards, sweet boxes, chocolate hampers, floral bouquets, assorted cookie hampers, gourmet kitchen hampers 



Gifts for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Finding your perfect match in a boyfriend or a girlfriend is something really magical. This strong partnership will provide companionship and also help smoothen out the bumps on the road of life. It is said that give a girl a boyfriend and she becomes an expert in relationships while on a funny note it is said that a boyfriend should never laugh at his girlfriend's choice as he's one of them. Such a cute relationship calls for showing appreciation and love for each other by giving a small token as a gift to mark the relationship and make it last forever. 

A boyfriend will try to look for the best gift for his girlfriend on her birthday or any other occasion. If it is Valentine's Day, then he will try to surely choose the best Valentine's Day gift for girlfriend in order to make that special mark in her heart. Here is a list of the following are some of the options which you can choose from –

  • Best gift for girlfriend can include handbags, purses, clutches, watches, personalized water bottles, spa kits, chocolate bouquets, bakeware, gourmet kitchen kit, etc. 
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Girl Friend - Women Accessories, cosmetics hamper, spa kit, personal hair care grooming kit, chocolates, floral bouquets and much more  

Similarly, a girl would like to reciprocate her boyfriend's feelings by presenting an appropriate best gift for boyfriend on his birthday. She can surprise and shower him with all the love she can by choosing an amazing Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend. Here is a list of the options which you can choose from -

  • Best gift for boyfriend may include watches, perfumes, cakes, flowers, personalized gifts such as cushions/lamps/mugs/photo frames, wallets, soft toys, gift hampers such as personal grooming hampers or assorted cookie hampers, sweet treats, etc. 

Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend - Fragrances, perfumes, deo sprays, chocolate boxes, Flowers, cards, pillow covers set, LED lamps with photos, etc.